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Dental. AMCOP. Digital.
Dental. AMCOP. Digital.

Our History

Quality. Competence. Innovation.

We are a company present in the dental sector for more than forty years, founded by Dr. Jules Allemand and Mrs. Maria Picarelli, which operates by designing, manufacturing and distributing medical devices for modern dentistry. Micerium's objective is to offer the dental and dental technician sector innovative and high-quality products through the use of modern and advanced techniques that contribute to raising the professional level of operators in the sector.

Medical Research

The Micerium Group is constantly committed to research and development of cutting-edge products.

Charity Fundraising

We are committed to initiatives and fundraising aimed at donating to charities in the pursuit of just causes, we do it wholeheartedly and without conditions.

Micerium Friends

Micerium Friends was born to share cultural and scientific experiences. Our trips are moments in which human and professional relationships are consolidated.

Micerium S.p.A. refers to “Quality” as a fundamental principle for its business. Considers that the term “Quality” means guaranteeing its Clients innovative products and services that meet or even exceed their expectations.

Our Brands