Ena Post & Ena Cem
Dual cement with composite base

ENA CEM HF Dual cement with composite base

ENA POST Glass Fiber Post

  • Crown & bridge luting
  • Post luting & core build-up
  • Composite and ceramic veneers, inlay and onlay luting
  • Highly filled (77% in weight)
  • Same physical characteristics as Enamel plus HRi
  • No air bubbles (unlike Flows)
  • Minimum thickness <50mµ
  • Fluorescent and radiopaque
  • Aesthetic: fluorescent and dentine colour
  • Functional: same elasticity of dentine
  • Perfectly integrated with the tooth, cement and restorative material
  • The only post with silanized fibers inserted in the same resin of restorative material (Enamel plus HRi)
  • Perfect silanization and integration of the fibers into the resin without any imperfection
  • Visible on X-ray only
  • Coloured rings for easy identification