Ena White 2.0
Homemade cosmetic whitening

The fastest professional home bleaching with in office pre-treatment

ENA® WHITE 2.0 is a system for cosmetic bleaching that uses a 6%-hydrogen-peroxide-based bleaching gel with the special XS151™ accelerator, which activates by brushing; this action exponentially increases the absorption rate of peroxide if compared to traditional bleaching.


  • Easier to use thanks to the toothbrush with dispenser
  • Greater comfort for the patient, two minutes correspond to one night with conventional, annoying bleaching trays. No ingestion of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Less risk of irritation by reducing contact time: 2/3 min. per day instead of 6/8 hours to achieve the same bleaching result with bleaching trays.
  • A conventional 20-day treatment provides approx. 120/160 hours contact time compared to 40/60 min. with Ena®White 2.0.