Enamel Plus HRi
Composite for aesthetic restorations

Replace Natural Enamel with HRi Universal Enamel: Enamel plus HRi Universal Enamel is the first and only composite material to possess the same refractive index as natural enamel.

Enamel plus HRi increases the quality, simplifies the technique and reduces the chair time needed with the patient.
High viscosity, for a better manipulation of composite material in posterior or anterior restorations.
Simplified Anatomic Restorations: the application of HRi is the same thickness as the Natural Enamel it replaces.
Simplified Technique: use fewer shades in simple restorations.
New syringe – Completely cylindrical:

  • extrusion of composite without stress
  • New design: no material waste
  • Long cap: no contact with composite

Ergonomic design: comfortable to use
HRi is Ideal for dentists wishing to achieve the best aesthetic results possible while using a simple application technique. It is also excellent for highly aesthetic indirect restorations created by the dentist or a laboratory


Better polishing is possible thanks to the compact and resistant surface.
Ideal physical data for any type of direct or indirect restoration:

  • Vickers hardness 700 MPa
  • Modulus of elasticity 14,500 MPa
  • Flexural strength 170 MPa
  • Compressive strength 450 MPa

Blue and amber opalescent effect created by HRi Smalto (30% transparency); The opalescent colors OA and OBN are only necessary when their effect is very visible.
Invisible margins: no special margin preparation techniques, no "glass effect" which lowers the value of the restoration.
New dentin with fluorescence and opacity calibrated to natural dentin
Ultra-light dentin: UD0 and UD 0.5 for whitened teeth.

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