Tender Fiber
Preimpregnated glass fibers

Preimpregnated glass fibers immersed in fluorescent light-curing resin, the same as used for Enamel plus HRi and Ena Post

Technological advantages

  • Silanized and not just impregnated fibers; 0.012 μm filler:

  • Single 14 μm unidirectional glass fibers
  • Very high resistance to acid and alkaline substances.
  • Increased strength of finished product
  • Increased chemical connection between fibers
  • Increased physical characteristics

Available in sizes:

  • Tender Ortho reinforcement fibers for orthodontic restraints
  • Tender Two reinforcement fibers for periodontal tooth splints
  • Tender Quattro reinforcement fibers for composite and resin bridges
  • Tender Zero reinforcement fibers in non-impregnated polyethylene for orthodontic appliances,
  • Total and partial dentures and resin temporaries