Second Class

Appliance for the Angle skeletal Class II treatment. It corrects the Class II skeletal classes repositioning the jaw in a Class I key.

It is indicated for the Class II dysmorphosis for the retrognathia mandibular treatment to influence the progress of the jaw (in retrusion) with a well-defined orthopedic effect. It was designed with a mandibular anterior sliding plane that places the incisors edge to edge, providing a lengthening of the mandibular bone base with the increase of the vertical dimension in case of deep bite, for the back tilt of the lower incisors and the pro-incision of the upper incisors (overjet) with consequent temporomandibular reconditioning joints.

  • It is used in deciduous, mixed and permanent dentition
  • Functional, orthopedic and osteopathic action
  • It corrects the arches deviations with a cranio-cervical-mandibular system improvement
  • It unlocks the occlusion balancing the TMJ and corrects the midline lines
  • It corrects the dysfunctional bad habits
  • It positions the tongue in a correct posture at the palatine spot
  • It improves swallowing and the nasal breathing in oral breathers
  • It eliminates any interference of the tongue and dysfunctional orbicular muscles on the teeth
  • It is indicated for thumb sucking
  • It determines a teeth pre-alignment