Dientes deciduos
Utilizado en dentición temporal

In children, prevention becomes the first rehabilitation form for the child’s health and also for the general psycho-physical well-being.

Is particularly important in the dentoskeletal growth stimulation for very young children with different types of arches, with skull and facial distortions for the neuromuscular system reconditioning when the teeth are closed during the night hours.

It is characterized by an external grip that makes it similar to a pacifier to make the appliance’s use particularly pleasing to the young patient from the psycho-emotional point of view.

  • Used in deciduous teeth
  • It develops a functional, orthopedic-ostheopatic action
  • It corrects the dental arches deviations
  • It corrects the bilateral and monolateral cross bites
  • It corrects anterior open bites
  • It corrects the dysfunctional bad habits
  • It places the tongue in a correct posture at the palatine spot
  • It improves swallowing and nasal breathing in oral respirators
  • It eliminates any tongue and muscles disturbance on teeth
  • It is indicated for thumb sucking
  • It determines a teeth pre-alignment