DTM First Class

The new A.M.C.O.P. DTM bioactivators are designed more specifically for the treatment of patients with TMJ dysfunction and/or neuromuscular tension decompensation (bruxism). They can also be used for the restraint phase after the use of the Integral orthopedic activator and after the use of other fixed appliances and aligner masks.

model S

Shape adapted to a more oval cranial conformation and in the normal range with normally rounded dental arches.

Cranial index: mesocephalic.


model øS

Shape adapted to a square-like cranial conformation, characterizing a face with pronounced features, prominent frontal bosses and mandibular angles, square chin with square-shaped dental arches.

Cranial index: mesocephalic.


model C

Shape adapted to an expanding cranial conformation with wide, rounded dental arches with a low palate, typical of a facial contour that is also rounded, in a brevilinear subject.

Cranial index: brachycephalic.


model F

Shape adapted to an extending cranial conformation with narrow, high palate and ogivals dental arches, frequent in longilinear subjects with oblong facial contour.

Cranial index: dolichocephalus.

  • used in deciduous mixed and permanent dentition
  • reconditions the neuro-muscular system
  • corrects and harmonizes the various deviations of the dental arches
  • corrects midlines and balances TMJs
  • corrects vicious habits (atypical swallowing - oral breathing)
  • results in pre-alignment of the teeth
  • indicated in bruxism and resolves tensive muscle problems such as headaches, joint pain, cervicalgia, etc.
  • also indicated as restraint after treatment with multibrackets and templates