Integral Plus

The Bio Bio-Activator INTEGRAL PLUS is a new elasthodontic device from the A.M.C.O.P range. from the A.M.C.O.P range. Bio Bio-Activators

The Bio-Activator INTEGRAL PLUS is a new elastodontic appliance from the A.M.C.O.P. line, indicated for the treatment of the dental arches, during the alignment phase of the dental elements that compose them, with fixed appliances as of the multibrackets type. By means of a special guide placed in the inner wall of the upper and lower flanges, suitable to accommodate inside them the different types of fixed appliances with the aim of improving, at the same time as the alignment of the teeth, functional, skeletal, articular and neuro-muscular problems.

With the use of the INTEGRAL PLUS appliance, it will be possible to improve the craniofacial skeletal complex, considering the relationships between the bones of the skull and face, with the teeth and their respective bone bases in a global context that includes the dento-parodontal, skeletal, neuro-muscular and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) systems.
The appliance has been designed with the shaping of a specific occlusal guide, so that it can be adapted to different types of arch shape. The button in the plantar area corresponding to the palatine spot (upper retroincisive palatine area) is always present for functional tongue education.
The INTEGRAL PLUS appliance is also indicated in case of:

  • Joint problems Temporo-Mandibular joints (TMJ)
  • Bruxism (nocturnal grinding)
  • Determined tension problems of a neuro-muscular nature
  • Muscle tension headaches in predisposed patients.