Enamel Plus HRi Function
Composite for posteriors

The only enamel that approaches the performance of gold.

Enamel-composite system to restore function in a micro-invasive manner while respecting the neuro-muscular system and achieving excellent aesthetic integration


  • Dentin with fluorescence and increased translucency calibrated to natural dentin
  • Ultra-light Dentin: UD0 and UD0,5 for bleached teeth

Universal (low, medium and high value) • Invisible margin thanks to high refraction index no “glass effect” lowering the value of the restoration • Opalescent effect blue and amber given by HRi Enamel (Transparency 30% until 0,8 mm) Function (low, medium and high value) • Low abrasion ideal for posteriors

Characterization and intensive effect created by inten-sive enamel (IM, IWS, IW) and opalescent amber (OA) • Opalescent blue effect enhanced by Opalescent OBN