Digital Colour Acquisition

The digital colour in your hands!

It is made of a lens in a darkroom that connected to an iPhone or iPad takes reproducible pictures with polarized light always identical thanks to the special calibration cap.


A new solution for the colour determination in the mouth of the patient, making easy the communication between dentist and dental technician. It measures the bleaching efficacy showing the result to the patient. L*a*b * IN DENTISTRY SIMPLIFIED FOR BEGINNERS: almost every tooth colour can be seen as a mixture of gray Luminosity (L*), red (a*) and yellow (b*). Optishade measures with high precision and repeatability these 3 values (coordinates).


It gives the colour and thickness recipe to realize direct and indirect restorations with Enamel plus HRi and Bio Function composite

  1. Guided choice of composite bodies and thickness for direct restoration thanks to the APP COMPOSHADE - exclusively for Enamel plus HRi and Bio Function composite

guided choice composites

2. DENTAL STUDIO/LABORATORY colour communication for the manufacture of aesthetic indirect restorations and final result check thanks to the APP OPTISHADE

studio laboratory communication

3. Colour evolution check during bleaching treatments thanks to the APP OPTISHADE

colour evolution check

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